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How do I subscribe to the site-wide Calendar?
Christopher Brooks, 30 Jan 2013
Last updated: 20 Oct 2015

You can subscribe to the calendar using any calendar program that supports the iCal format.

To subscribe to the calendar:

  1. Go to the calendar at www.terraswarm.org/terraswarm/calendar
  2. Locate the Subscribe (iCal) link at the bottom of the page, and try one of these two approaches:
    • Click on the link and open it with your calendar program
    • If that does not work, copy and paste the link location into your calendar program
    • If you use Google Calendar, such as BCal,:
      1. Go to www.terraswarm.org/terraswarm/calendar, go to the bottom, right click on the Subscribe (iCAL) link and select Copy Link Location (This is the text for Firefox, other browsers may differ). This saves the link in your Copy and Paste buffer.
      2. Go to http://bcal.berkeley.edu and login
      3. On the left, in the Other Calendars line, select the pull down menu arrow to the right of the text and select Add by URL. bCal Other Calendars choice
      4. Paste in the contents of the Copy/Paste buffer and select Add Calendar
      Or, try searching Google for "google calendar add by url"

In addition to the main calendar, each workgroup may have its own calendar.

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