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How do I edit a TerraSwarm wiki?
Christopher Brooks, 14 Feb 2014
Last updated: 14 Feb 2014

The Terraswarm website has a number of workgroups.

A workgroup can optionally have a wiki.

Everyone with an account is in the terraswarm workgroup, which has a wiki at http://www.terraswarm.org/terraswarm/wiki

The four themes have workgroups and wikis:

Typically, TerraSwarm wikis are only readable to logged in users. This page is a public faq so the it can be found by search engines.

Editing and creating a page

  1. To create a new page, go to the wiki and click on the Edit tab at the top. Then enter the name of the page surrounded by square brackets:
      * [[My Nifty New Project]]
  2. Save the page, the results will be that the text My Nifty New Project will be in red.
  3. Click on that text an a page editor for that page will open
  4. Make your edits and save your page


In general, it is hard to anything wrong with the wiki. Feel free to enter information for projects.

It is helpful if recent information is towards the top of the wiki page.

Long wiki pages should be broken up into multiple pages.

Further Information

  • See the "Editing Instructions" at the bottom of the sidebar on the wiki page not this one for details about syntax.
  • See the Wiki FAQ for information about configuring wikis