The Almagest - Volume II
Ptolemy 0.7 Programmer's Manual

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Downloading all of the manual

Size Description
[PDF] 1.4 meg Adobe acrobat pdf file with bookmarks and hyperlinks (same as above)
[Postscript] 2.05 meg Gzip tar file containing postscript files of each chapter suitable for printing on a postscript printer
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Downloading individual chapters

The individual chapter pdf files are cross-linked. You can download the index, the table of contents and the chapters that you are interested in and place them in the same directory for the cross-links to work. If you are going to download most of the chapters, consider downloading the monolithic pdf file above.

If you are downloading the postscript files, you may be interested in the print_prog_manual shell script. It will print the postscript chapter files in the correct order (back to front). The script assumes that your PRINTER environment variable is set to the name of the printer you wish to use and that you have downloaded each postscript file.

[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] Title page and Copyright information for this manual. You must print this file out and include it if you plan to redistribute the printed manual.
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] Title page and Copyright information for this manual, without the large Mr. Ptolemy image.
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] Table of Contents for the Ptolemy Programmer's Manual
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 1. Extending Ptolemy
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 2. Writing Stars for Simulation
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 3. Infrastructure for Star Writers
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 4. Data Types
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 5. Using Tcl/Tk
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 6. Using the Cluster Class for Scheduling
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 7. SDF Domain
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 8. DDF Domain
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 9. BDF Domain
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 10. PN Domain
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 11. SR Domain
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 12. DE Domain
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 13. Code Generation
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 14. CGC Domain
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 15. CG56 Domain
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 16. C50 Domain
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] 17. Adding New Domains
[PDF] [Postscript] [HTML] Index