The Micro Almagest contains only information about the SDF domain.

The Almagest - Volume I
Ptolemy 0.6 Micro Almagest Manual

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[Postscript] [HTML] Table of Contents for the Ptolemy User's Manual
[Postscript] [HTML] 1. An Overview of Ptolemy
[Postscript] [HTML] 2. The Interactive Graphical Interface
[Postscript] [HTML] 3. SDF Domain
[Postscript] [HTML] 4. HOF Domain
[Postscript] [HTML] 5. pxgraph - The Plotting Program
[Postscript] [HTML] 6. Filter design programs
[Postscript] [HTML] 7. Troubleshooting Ptolemy
[Postscript] [HTML] References for the Microalmagest Manual
[Postscript] [HTML] Index