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The Embedded website is no longer active.

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For the most recent updates, please see the following pages:

Older, inactive software

  • BLAST - Berkeley Lazy Abstraction Software Verification Tool
  • Giotto - A Methodology for Embedded Control Systems Development (last updated October, 2004)
  • Mescal - Modern Embedded Systems, Compilers, Architectures and Languages (last updated, March, 2005)
  • Metropolis - Design Environment for Heterogeneous Systems

Some of the software packages below were originally available via the Industrial Liason Project.

Currently, these packages are covered by the following Software Agreement.

  • Adore - A technology-independent module generator for Switched-Capacitor (SC) filters
  • BSIM - physical MOSFET model implemented with SPICE (last updated February 18, 1997)
  • Cider - A mixed-level circuit and device simulator
  • Espresso - multi-valued PLA minimization
  • Diva - A software infrastructure for visualizing and interacting with dynamic information spaces.
  • Esterel S/R Compiler - An Esterel Compiler for a Synchronous/Reactive Development System (Stephen Edwards)
  • Magic - interactive VLSI layout system
  • Octtools - a collection of programs and libraries that together form an integrated system for IC design
  • Sis - Synthesis of both synchronous and asynchronous sequential circuits ( Prof. Brayton )
  • Spice - a general-purpose circuit simulator with several built-in semiconductor device models
  • Sugar - A simulation tool for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) ( BSAC Group )
  • Vis - A system for formal verification, synthesis, and simulation of finite state systems ( Prof. Brayton )
  • WELD - Web-Based Electronic Design ( Prof. Newton )
  • DigSim Schematic Editor and Simulator: Modified to Interact with Synopsys Design Compiler Applet   (last updated, June 29, 1999)
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