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How do I create a link for visitors to request membership in just my group?
Christopher Brooks, 14 Dec 2012
Last updated: 14 Dec 2012

The URL for the account request page is: http://terraswarm.org/login/?subpage=Request

The above URL lists all the groups that are advertised as accepting members. Over time, there can be many groups. In addition, there are some uses of the website where visitors need specific accounts.

If you would like to use a link that refers to a page that lists just one page, use /groupName/request. For example to link to a page that lists only the terraswarm workgroup:

Note that for anyone to be offered membership in a workgroup, the workgroup need to be configured so that membership as "is advertised". By default, groups are advertised, but some groups are not. To check, have a workgroup admin go to admin -> Configure Group and verify that Is advertised is checked.