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What is the override option?
Christopher Brooks, 14 Dec 2012
Last updated: 14 Dec 2012

Copied from the GSRC FAQ by the same name by John Reekie.

The administrative overrride option allows someone with suitable privileges to change their permissions without approval. The change of privileges only sets the permissions flags for that user for as long as they remain logged in, or until they choose to revert to their standard permissions. Joining a group using an override does not subscribe you to any mailing lists or appear on any member lists.

Currently, only people that have Admin permission in the webmaster group can perform overrides. This is done from the memberships page of a logged-in administrator. Note that, after setting an override flag, your membership options will still indicate your "normal" membership, not your overridden one.

This ability should be used sparingly, and only to correct errors and check for problems in pages that the admin would not normally have access to. After performing this task, always use the Restore permissions button at the bottom of the memberships page to revert to your regular permissions settings.