Ptolemy II 11.0.1 Limitations

If you find bugs, see the Ptolemy II Issues facility, then check this page, and then post to the ptolemy-hackers mailing list.

In your email, please be sure to list

  • What operating system you are operating under (Windows 10? Mac OS X 10.13?)
  • What version of Java you are running. (Run java -version)
  • Whether the problem occurs in
    • the installer
    • Eclipse
    • Running vergil from the command line

Environment Variables and macOS

Note that some demos, such as the hlacerti demos, require certain environment variables to be set. If, under Mac OS, Vergil is invoked by clicking on, then these environment variables will not be set. The workaround is to invoke Vergil using $PTII/bin/vergil. See #329: Under macOS, does not set environment variables needed for hlacerti demos.