Wireless and Ptolemy Classic

Ptolemy Classic Wireless Demos

Ptolemy Classic has been used to simulate wireless networks

There is a discussion about ATM and Ptolemy Classic at http://ptolemy.eecs.berkeley.edu/ptolemyclassic/atm.htm

There is a TCP Simulator for Ptolemy 0.5.2.

Jens Voigt did a simulation of a wireless network in Ptolemy Classic, see ptolemy/src/domains/de/contrib/demo/60_GHZ_Indoor in the Ptolemy Classic sources.
This simulation can be viewed as

There are also some Ptolemy Classic wireless demos described in http://ptolemy.eecs.berkeley.edu/ptolemyclassic/almagest/docs/user/html/de.doc3.html

The links page on the Ptolemy website has some links to the WiNES project at Dresden University of Technology

Agilent (formerly Hewlett Packard) produces the Advanced Development Systems (ADS), which is based partly on Ptolemy Project software. The ADS is design software for analog, RF, and mixed-signal design, primarily targeted to wireless systems development.

Other Resources

Try searching the following resources for
  • The Ptolemy Web site
  • The Ptolemy Hackers Mailing List
  • "On the Configuration of Simulations of Large Network Models with HTTP/TCP Sources," Kai Below, Ulrich Killat Department of Communication Networks Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH), 15th ITC Specialist Seminar, Internet Traffic Engineering and Traffic Management, Wurzburg 2002 says:
    The simulation of large networks requires the definition of the following quantities: the pro- We use the simulation software Ptolemy [11] for which we implemented our own implementation of the TCP connections for the HTTP transfer in this initial state of modeling.