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Chess Review - November 21, 2005

NOTE: Presentations are provided in both PDF and Powerpoint formats for convenience. Providing Powerpoint files makes it very easy and tempting to "borrow" the material. However, these presentations are owned by the author. Please do not use this material without permission from the author.





  8:30–9:00 Overview of Project - Shankar Sastry (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT


Research: Thrust Overviews

  9:00–9:30 Hybrid Systems Theory - Claire Tomlin (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT
  9:30–10:00 Advanced Tool Architectures - Edward A. Lee (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT
  10:30–11:00 Model Based Design - Janos Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt) PDF PPT
  11:00–11:30 Experimental Research - Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli (UC Berkeley) PPT


Research: Student Highlight Talks


A series of 7 minute talks to motivate the poster session.

  Advancements in Stochastic Hybrid Systems, Saurabh Amin (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT
Coupled Interface Modules for Heterogeneous Composition, Ethan Jackson (Vanderbilt) PDF PPT
Tools and Interchange Formats for Hybrid Systems, Alessandro Pinto (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT
Identity Management in Sensor Networks, Hamsa Balakrishnan (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT
Trading Latency for Composability, Slobodan Matic (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT
Causality Interfaces, Rachel Zhou (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT
Platform Based Design of Control Applications for Wireless Sensor Networks, Alvise Bonivento (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT

Control of Stochastic Hybrid Systems, Robin Raffard (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT

Hybrid Geometric Mechanics: Reduction and Going Beyond Zeno, Aaron D. Ames (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT
New Results in Model Transformations for Platform Modeling, Tivadar Szemethy (Vanderbilt) PDF PPT
A Semantic Anchoring Infrastructure for Model-Integrated Computing, Kai Chen (Vanderbilt) PDF PPT
Building an Efficient Model of Computation for Hybrid Bond Graphs, Christopher Beers (Vanderbilt) PDF PPT


Poster Session

Donald O. Pederson Center, 5th Floor Cory Hall
    Hybrid Systems Theory
    Advanced Tool Architecture
    Experimental Research
    Model-based Design
    Educational and Outreach programs:
    Lana Carnel - Visual Target Segmentation and Identification
    Murphy Gant - Modeling of Distributed Camera Networks
    Robert D. Gregg - Hybrid Reduction of a Bipedal Walker from Three to Two Dimensions
    Shams Karimkhan - A Hybrid Systems Approach to Communication Networks: Zeno Behavior and Guaranteed Simulations
    Simon Ng - Model, Simulation, and Analysis of a Bipedal Walker


Educational and Outreach Programs

3:30–3:45 Summer Programs and Undergraduate Research

Jonathan Sprinkle (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT AVI

  Education/Course Development
3:45–4:00 Understandable Concurrency

Edward Lee (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT

4:00–4:15 A New Course in Hybrid Systems

Claire Tomlin (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT

    Industrial Collaboration
  4:15–4:30 Automotive Electronics

Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT

  4:30–4:45 Critical Avionics Software

Claire Tomlin (UC Berkeley) PDF PPT

  4:45–5:00 Networked Embedded Systems

Akos Ledeczi (Vanderbilt) PDF PPT


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