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Introduction to Embedded System

EECS 149/249A introduces students to the design and analysis of computational systems that interact with physical processes. Applications of such systems include medical devices and systems, consumer electronics, toys and games, assisted living, traffic control and safety, automotive systems, process control, energy management and conservation, environmental control, aircraft control systems, communications systems, instrumentation, critical infrastructure control (electric power, water resources, and communications systems for example), robotics and distributed robotics (telepresence, telemedicine), defense systems, manufacturing, and smart structures.

This is the list of final projects made by all the students (ordered alphabetically) in Fall 2014 offerings:

  • [Block] (Runners up)
    A simple, unobtrusive at home notification hub that tell the users when new notifications arrive on their mobile device, without having to constantly refer to their phones.
    Emily Chen, Stephanie Ho, Johnny Shen
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Automated NERF Gun (PewPew)
    A vision-based automatic targeting and non-lethal suppression system.
    Craig Hiller, Christopher Hsu, Kevin Wu, Leo Kam
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Ball is Life (Autonomous Trash Can)
    An autonomous trash can that will attempt to catch thrown trash through trajectory prediction.
    Maruchi Kim, Peter Kim, Amit Patankar, Spencer Schack
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • BLEpH
    A reliable, power efficient and low cost bluetooth pH sensor.
    Jikang Chen, Siyuan He, Yan Zhao
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • CALibrate
    A quick, automated way to tune your guitar for beginners and pros alike.
    Ryan Frazier, Mark Hardiman, Neil Hegde

  • Cubic Hand
    An interactive led cube controlled by hand gestures through a wireless data glove.
    Kevin Albers, Robert Bui, Jose Oyola, Naren Vasanad
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Dancing Driving Robot
    A fun time-trial based game where your robot drives as fast as your hands can "dance!"
    Anthony Castro, Stephen Martinis, Vashisht Madhavan
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Deep Blue and Gold
    A smart chess board that provides legal moves and hints by lighting up certain squares when a player lifts a piece to move.
    Sean Scofield, Arthur Jeng, Frank Lu
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • DogeFetch
    An automated dog toy that keeps a dog entertained without human interaction by throwing balls in the opposite direction of the dog.
    Jessica Lin, Varun Rau, Wonjun Jeong
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Doorbell Camera
    An extension to the ordinary doorbell, it snaps a picture and sends it through email to the homeowner.
    Daniel Rolandi, Alex Mead, Kelly Peng
    Charter Report Presentation Video1 Video2

  • FlippityFlappity (Runners up)
    Animatronic Fish Pillow: Enabling expressive interactions in a touch sensitive, cable actuated robot.
    Eric O'Neill, Rundong Tian, Ryan Feng
    Charter Report Presentation Video

    A modular, model checked RGB LED matrix that can be easily and reliably scaled.
    Phillip Azar, Adarsh Mani, Peadar Keegan, Antonio de Lima Fernandes
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Home Automation System
    A robust extensible approach to home automation with limitless potential for growth and data collection.
    Jene Li, Michelle Nguyen, Jacob Minyoung Huh
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Isochronous Control of Sensor Networks
    Constructing a network of actuators that react to incoming signals based on sensor data isochronously (synchronously and at a controlled period).
    Aishwarya Parasuram, Jack Kolb, Nikhil Goyal
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Intruder Chasers (iRobot Pursuit)
    Realtime Hybrid Simulation using iRobots and Accessors in Ptolemy II.
    Nikunj Bajaj, Shromona Ghosh, Marten Lohstroh
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Keep in Touch
    A SMART-glove to provide feedback on finger usage to new touch-type learners.
    Niranjan Kumar, Eric Tu, Siddarth Sen, Amy Liao
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • LED Coffee Table
    Coffee Table filled with LED lights and hand tracking infrared sensors for maximum visual awesomeness.
    Edward Lai, Jin Hun Kim, Matthew Miller
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Lock and Loaded
    A smart lock that retaliates against intruders.
    Quinn Johnson, Harrison Tsai, David Wu
    Charter Report Presentation

  • Networking Swarm
    Coordinating a swarm of moving robots to send exploration data while navigating an unknown territory without losing connection to the host machine.
    Sue Chong, Sarah Hung, ZhiLong Liu, James Lam Yi
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • PixelBot
    A robot makes light drawings (slow exposure photography) from user generated line drawings.
    John Wilkey, Chester Chu, Alec Guertin
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Quadqwopter
    A quadcopter built from low level hardware, with basic maneuvering capabilities given user control.
    Ken Katagiri, Jeffrey Lu, Lawrence Ng
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Robot Jousting
    Two-player jousting game using robot vehicles.
    En Lei, Sunil Srinivasan, Alexander Cruz, Darrel Weng
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Realtime LED Music Visualizer
    Design and Implementation of an LED music visualizer based on FlexPRET, a real-time unit that provides easier programming interface for accurate timing control.
    Jiewen Sun, Jisoo Kim, Pierre Karashchuk, Baihong Jin
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • SHaZam
    A magic lamp that tracks head motion and illuminates the area under the user's gaze.
    Chaim Halbert, Dexter Scobee, Edward Zhao
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • SmartPills
    An intelligent pill bottle that detects the number of pills left, only opens for the prescribed user, and has a paired mobile app to track prescription adherence.
    Joshua Goldberg, Gil Lederman, Vicenc Rubies Royo, Parsa Mahmoudieh
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Spade
    An add-on device to allow traditional registers to accept mobile payments over Bluetooth.
    Chengyun "Jerry" Liu, Romi Phadte, Lawrence Supian
    Charter Report Presentation Video

    A software implementation of SPI (and possibly various other peripherals) on a realtime coprocessor.
    Richard Lin, Jerry Chen, Allen Tang
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • The Marauder's Map
    A wireless network of sensors that sense building occupancy, and allow the information to be available via internet.
    Longxiang Cui, Ying Ou, Jordan Makansi, Chenyang Xu
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • Voice Controlled Robotic Hand (Best project)
    A robotic hand that is controlled by electromyography and voice recognition.
    Shang-Li Wu, Chance Martin, Aaron Feldman
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • WiFinder
    A robot that maps wifi signal in a room and finds the place with strongest signal.
    Chaitanya Aluru, Sean Roberts, Eric Wu
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • WiiSel (Runners up)
    Draw on a large Neopixels screen using a Wiimote.
    Hala Diab, Sam Friedman, Joe Wright
    Charter Report Presentation Video

  • WiiCopter
    Safe and wireless control of a quadcopter with the WiiMote controller, creating a more immersive drone-flying experience for the user.
    Steven Campos, Jimmy Su, Gangbaolede Li
    Charter Report Presentation Video

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