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Ubiquitous Secure Technology

Why is the website banner missing?

If you are running a pop-up blocker such as Symantec Client Firewall or other Symantec or Norton products, then the header might not appear.

To verify that this is a problem, do View Source on the web page. For example, under IE, right click and select View Source. If the source contains text that includes

function SymError()
  return true;
then the pop-up blocker has blocked the header. To see the header, either disable the pop-up blocker or else add the website to the list of authorized websites. Note that to see the header you may need to delete the browser's temporary files. Under IE: Tools -> Internet Options -> Browsing History > Delete.

See also SymError() is inserted into Web site source code after installing Norton Internet Security, Norton AntiSpam, or Norton Personal Firewall.

We are working on a fix for this problem.