Team for Research in
Ubiquitous Secure Technology

Masquerading -- Acting on behalf of someone else

You may be an administrative assistant for a TRUST member, and need to register them for TRUST workshops, or take some other action on the website on their behalf.

One tempting way to do this is to change the name and contact information in your own account profile to look like them. This only leads to confusion, because it results in two accounts with the same name, one of which does not really belong to that person.

The correct way is to have them designate you as their "proxy". Ask them to visit their profile page (options -> Your Account -> Your Profile, or this link: At the bottom of the page, they can designate you as their proxy.

Once that is done, on your profile page (options -> Your Account -> Your Profile, or this link: there will be a menu choice, "Masquerade as ... xxx", where xxx is the username of the person who has made you their proxy.

As soon as you click on their username, you will immediately be logged in as them, without any need for their password. You can then register them for a TRUST workshop, modify their profile, or do anything else you like under their account. When you are finished, simply click logout and you will be back to your own login.

If you need any assistance with this, please send email to webster at www truststc org.