EECS20N: Signals and Systems

Instructor Guide for Week 1

The first week motivates forthcoming material by illustrating how signals can be modeled abstractly as functions on sets. The emphasis is on characterizing the domain and the range, not on characterizing the function itself. The startup sequence of a voiceband data modem is used as an illustration, with a supporting applet that plays the very familiar sound of the handshake of V32.bis modem, and examines the waveform in both the time and frequency domain. The domain and range of the following signal types is given: sound, images, position in space, angles of a robot arm, binary sequences, word sequences, and event sequences. Since often the first day of the first week is a holiday, and the first class needs to be largely devoted to logistics, there is really only one lecture in which to do this.

Problem session

There is no problem session this week.

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