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The Ptolemy Project
Group information  
Group name ptolemy
Title The Ptolemy Project
Summary Ptolemy is oriented towards heterogenous modeling and design of complex systems.
Description This page is an internal page for the Ptolemy Project group members. Public information is below and on the Ptolemy Public Website.

The Ptolemy Project studies modeling, simulation, and design of concurrent, real-time, embedded systems. The focus is on assembly of concurrent components. The key underlying principle in the project is the use of well-defined models of computation that govern the interaction between components. A major problem area being addressed is the use of heterogeneous mixtures of models of computation. Current research thrusts include:

  • Precision-timed (PRET) machines: This effort reintroduces timing into the core abstractions of computing, beginning with instruction set architectures, using configurable hardware as an experimental platform.
  • Real-time software: Models of computation with time and concurrency, metaprogramming techniques, code generation and optimization, domain-specific languages, schedulability analysis, programming of sensor networks.
  • Distributed computing: Models of computation based on distributed discrete events, backtracking techniques, lifecycle management, unreliable networks, modeling of sensor networks.
  • Understandable concurrency: This effort focuses on models of concurrency in software that are more understandable and analyzable than the prevailing abstractions based on threads.
  • Systems of systems: This effort focuses on modeling and design of large scale systems, those that include networking, database, grid computing, and information subsystems.
  • Abstract semantics: Domain polymorphism, behavioral type systems, meta-modeling of semantics, comparative models of computation.
  • Hybrid systems: Blended continuous and discrete dynamics, models of time, operational semantics, language design.

The membership in the ptolemy workgroup is available only to active developers of Ptolemy software. Most of our support effort occurs through the ptolemy-hackers mailing list, see the .Ptolemy II FAQ for details.

Public Pages

  • Ptolemy Public home page
  • Ptolemy II Public home page - Including the most recent release.
  • Ptolemy II External Developers Group
  • Group type Software project Special interest group Administrative group
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    Administrators Christopher Brooks cxh cxh@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Name hidden by user marys@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Members Ilge Akkaya ilgeakkaya ilgea@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Hugo Andrade andrade
    Adeel Asghar adeel.asghar
    Christine Avanessians cavanessians
    Kyungmin Bae kquine
    Shamik Bandyopadhyay bandyos
    Jerker Bengtsson, Ph.D student Jerker.Bengtsson
    David Broman david.broman
    Christopher Brooks cxh cxh@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Ian Brown ian.brown
    Dai Bui buidai
    Jian Cai jcai19
    Janette Cardoso janette.cardoso janette.cardoso@isae-supaero.fr
    Chihhong Cheng, Dr. ner. nat. patrickj
    Elaine Cheong celaine
    Michael Craig michael.craig
    Yasemin Demir ydemir ydemir@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Patricia Derler patricia.derler
    Marco Di Natale dinatale
    Gage Eads geads
    John Eidson, Ph.D. john_eidson
    Johan Eker johane
    Thomas Huining Feng tfeng
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    Teale Fristoe fristoe
    Hauke Fuhrmann haf
    Marc Geilen M.C.W.Geilen
    Soheil Ghiasi ghiasi
    Liangpeng Guo glp
    Jens Harnisch harnisch Jens.Harnisch@Infineon.com
    Brian Hudson hudsonb
    Arne Huseby arne
    Forrest Iandola forresti
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    Tatsuaki Iwata tiwata
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    Daniel Lazaro Cuadrado kapokasa kapokasa@kom.auc.dk
    Edward A. Lee eal
    Ben Lickly blickly
    Jie Liu, Ph.D. liuj
    Xiaojun Liu liuxj
    Marten Lohstroh marten
    Slobodan Matic matic
    Eleftherios Matsikoudis ematsi
    Andrew Mihal mihal
    Mana Mirzae manmi478
    Christian Motika cmot
    Vinayak Nagpal vnagpal
    Stephen Neuendorffer, PhD neuendor
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    Hwayong Oh, Ph.D. hwayong.oh
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    Minxue Pan panmx
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    Eloi Pereira eloi
    Kashif Qayyum kashifq
    Tomi Raty Tomi.Raty
    Michael Rauser mrauser
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    Jan Reineke reineke
    Stefan Resmerita, PhD. stefanres
    Bert Rodiers bert.rodiers
    Olena Rogovchenko olena.rogovchenko
    John Salerno, PhD salernoj
    Martin Schoeberl martinschoeberl
    Christoph Daniel Schulze cds
    Chris Shaver shaver shaver@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Aviral Shrivastava Aviral.Shrivastava
    Marjan Sirjani marjans
    Jason Smith Jason.E.Smith
    Christos Stergiou chster
    Name hidden by user marys@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Martin Torngren MartinTorngren
    Hallvard Traetteberg hallvard
    Stavros Tripakis stavros stavros@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Kees Vissers vissers
    Jianwu Wang, Ph.D. jianwu
    Armin Wasicek awasicek arminw@berkeley.edu
    Matt Weber mew2ub
    Scott Weber sjweber
    Michael Wetter MWetter
    Maarten Wiggers maarten.wiggers
    Edward D Willink, PhD willink
    Yuhong Xiong yuhong
    Name hidden by user
    Yeon-Mo Yang, Ph.D. yangym yangym@kumoh.ac.kr
    James Chiahau Yeh jiahau
    Ben Zhang nebgnahz
    Yang Zhao ellen_zh
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    Gang Zhou zgang
    Xiangrong Zhou xrzhou
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    Michael Zimmer mzimmer mzimmer88@gmail.com
    Jia Zou jiazou
    Guests Peter Csaba Ölveczky peterol
    Adam Cataldo acataldo
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    Bart Kienhuis kienhuis
    Christoph Kirsch meyer
    Dan Lynch d
    Thierry Nouidui tsnouidui
    Peter Oruba peter.oruba
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    Marco Sanvido, PhD. msanvido
    Aaron T Schultz atschultz
    Sanjit Seshia saseshia
    Tunc Simsek simsek
    Jonathan Sprinkle ee_doright sprinkle@ECE.Arizona.Edu
    Tao Starbow tao
    Heather Taylor heather.taylor htaylor@eecs.berkeley.edu
    Neil E. Turner net
    aaron walburg aw
    Lars Wernli lwernli
    Paul Whitaker pwhitake
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