Schedule Spring '97

5/22/97 (Thursday), 2pm 531 Cory: Gitanjali Swamy, Mentor Graphics.

"Incremental Methods for Logic-CAD" Abstract

5/13/97 (Tuesday), 2pm 531 Cory: Atsushi Sakurai, Fujitsu.

"The MMA and Its Design Technology" Abstract

5/12/97 (Monday), 4pm 405 Soda: Ugo Montanari, University of Pisa.

"History-Dependent Automata" Abstract

5/7/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Sujit Dey, NEC.

"High Level Power Optimization and Analysis Techniques" Abstract

5/5/97, 3pm 531 Cory: Shmuel Katz, SRI (on leave from Technion).

"Using Partial Orders to Verify Concurrent Systems" Abstract

5/2/97 (Friday), 11am 531 Cory: Soha Hassoun, University of Washington.

"Architectural Retiming: A Technique for Pipelining Latency-Constrained Circuits" Abstract

Slides To know more about architectural retiming

4/30/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Steve Trimberger, Xilinx.

"A Time-Multiplexed FPGA" Abstract

4/23/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Lou Scheffer, Cadence. lou@Cadence.COM

"Understanding the issues beyond basic synthesis, placement and routing" Abstract

4/16/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Rajeev Murgai, Fujitsu Laboratories of America.

"Speeding Up Technology-Independent Timing Optimization by Network Partitioning" Abstract

4/9/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Debbie Marr, Intel Corp.

"Multiprocessor Validation of the Pentium(R) Pro Processor" Abstract

4/2/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Hamid Savoj, Cadence.

"Improvements in Technology Independent Optimization of Logic Circuits" Abstract

3/26/97 No Seminar (Spring Break)

3/19/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Tom Shiple, Synopsys.

"Analysis of Combinational Cycles in Synchronous Circuits" Abstract


3/12/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Peter Beerel, University of Southern California. Ken Yun, University of California, San Diego.

"The Design and Verification of a High-Performance Low-Control-Overhead Asynchronous Differential Equation Solver" Abstract

3/5/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Jason Cong, University of California, Los Angeles.

"FPGA Mapping, Retiming, and Pipelining for Performance Optimization" Abstract


2/26/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Howard Wong-Toi, Cadence Berkeley Labs.

"Synthesizing Controllers for Linear Hybrid Automata" Abstract

2/19/97, 5pm 531 Cory: David Dill, Stanford University.

"Validity Checking for Combinations of Theories with Equality" Abstract

2/12/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Massoud Pedram, University of Southern California.

"Power Estimation and Optimization in IC Design" Abstract

2/7/97 (Friday), 11am 531 Cory: Andreas Kuehlmann, IBM.

"Equivalence Checking in Practice" Abstract


2/5/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Pinaki Mazumder, University of Michigan.

"Parallel Algorithms for Multi-layer Wire Routing Problems" Abstract

1/29/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Ching-Tsun Chou, Fujitsu Labs of America.

"Synchronous Verilog" Abstract


1/22/97, 10:30am 531 Cory: David LaPotin, IBM.

"Research Activities at the IBM Austin Research Laboratory" Abstract

1/22/97, 11am 531 Cory: Anirudh Devgan, IBM.

"Transistor-level Timing Simulation and Analysis" Abstract

1/22/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Sani Nassif, IBM.

"Manufacturability Analysis and Optimization" Abstract

1/15/97, 5pm 531 Cory: Leon Stok, IBM.

"Retiming Reviewed" Abstract

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