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Who can get a login?
Christopher Brooks, 30 Oct 2012
Last updated: 28 Jan 2013

TerraSwarm website accounts are granted to participants associated with

TerraSwarm website accounts are available to the TerraSwarm community, which includes TerraSwarm partner corporations, governmental organizations and universities. Please see the TerraSwarm Partners page for a complete list.

When requestion an account, one may choose to be either a guest or full member of the terraswarm workgroup. If you are planning on coming to TerraSwarm meetings, then you probably want to be a member, not a guest. The primary difference between terraswarm workgroup guests and members is that members get more email about workshops. Guests may register to attend workshops.

Individuals who are not members of sponsor companies or sponsored universities but are collaborating with a workgroup are usually given access only to the workgroup where they are collaborating, and are not given guest or full membership in the terraswarm workgroup.

(Instructions for requesting an account)