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Opting out of the terraswarm teleconferencing email
Christopher Brooks, 1 Jun 2015
Last updated: 29 Jun 2015

The summary is that if you don't want TerraSwarm teleconference email, please email Christopher and we will change your terraswarm workgroup membership from a full membership to guest and add you to the terraswarm-interest mailing list.

What's happening is that someone is clicking on the opt-out link at the bottom of the ReadyTalk conference email. This opts out the entire terraswarm-wide mailing list and it takes me a few minutes to fix this.

We have been in communication with ReadyTalk about this several times, they are unable and/or unwilling to fix this significant bug.

We tried switching to WebEx and it was not much help.

The longer answer is that everyone who is funded by TerraSwarm should be participating in the teleconferences.

If you are not directly funded and you are an academic participant, it is up to you and your PI as to how much you participate.

If you are an industrial participant, then it is up to you as to how much you participate, though we'd really like to foster communication with you.

We use the terraswarm email list to announce the weekly teleconferences and communicate about the center. We realize that this list might be a little chatty, so we have a terraswarm-interest list that is available for industry participants.

When someone clicks on the opt out link in the ReadyTalk email, it means we have to temporarily change the alias, send opt-in email, reply to it and change the alias back. It takes a few minutes each time.