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Why are my email messages held for moderation?
Christopher Brooks, 10 Dec 2013
Last updated: 10 Dec 2013

Most of the TerraSwarm email lists are require that the poster be a recipient. In other words, to send email to the list, you must send email from the email address that is subscribed to the list.

One problem is that at Berkeley, people who have @eecs.berkeley.edu also have a @berkeley.edu email address and only one of these addresses is registered as a recipient of email on the TerraSwarm site.

Another problem is that users sometimes email from a third email address that is not a member of the list.

For the above two cases, the email message is held until it is approved by an administrator. Typically the adminstrator also adds the email address to the list of approved addresses.

Another case is that the TerraSwarm-wide email list is moderated because it has at least 200 people on it. The administrators will add faculty as they post to the list so that their posts will not be moderated.

See the mailing list wiki for a list of mailing lists.