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How do I alter my group memberships?
Christopher Brooks, 7 Apr 2014
Last updated: 7 Apr 2014

To change your memberships options in the groups that you are already in, go to your memberships page and use the section labelled "Change your group memberships". Use the radio buttons to change your membership to what you want, and then press the Change memberships button.

You can downgrade your membership without requiring approval from the group administrator. Specifically, this means that you can:

  • Change your membership type from Member to Guest. This will remove you from the group's private mailing lists, which may be appropriate for you if you are no longer actively participating in this group.
  • Remove your Administrator privilege.
  • Remove you Developer privilege. This will remove you from the CVS and developer mailing lists of the group (if it has these lists turned on.) This may be appropriate for you if you are no longer an active developer in this group.

To "upgrade" your membership, administrator approval is required. Specifically, if you do any of the following, email will be sent to the group administrators containing a URL that they can use to approve your membership change. This will happen if you:

  • Change your memberhip type from Guest to Member.
  • Select the Administrator privilege.
  • Select the Developer privilege.

Note that none of the above applies if you have enabled the override option.

Copied from How do I alter my group memberships? by John Reekie