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Getting started with this web site
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Now that I have an account, how do I get started with TerraSwarm?
Christopher Brooks, 28 Mar 2014
Last updated: 17 Mar 2016

TerraSwarm has lot going on, below is a description of what to do to get started.

SRC Account

Students, Postdoctoral Students and Faculty should all have accounts on the SRC website, see TerraSwarm Student and Postdoctoral Research Registration.

Industrial members should also have a SRC account, see http://www.src.org.

Industrial members may want be listed in the welcome message sent to new SRC accounts, see How do I get added to the SRC welcome email?

Themes, Workgroups and Tasks

TerraSwarm consists of four themes, and each theme is broken down into multiple tasks.

Each of the themes has a workgroup on this website, see Email Lists for details.

All researchers should be a member of the Smart Cities theme and workgroup. New faculty should let Christopher know which Smart Cities theme they want to join so that we can update the website accordingly.

All researchers are welcome to join any of the other themes. Faculty should let Christopher know which tasks they want to join so that the Quarterly Report infrastructure can be updated. Reporting of results is done by task.

We use wikis for collaboration. The terraswarm workgroup wiki is the main wiki with links to the themes. See Wiki notification email for how to get notifications about edits to wikis.


We have a weekly teleconference where we rotate through each of the themes. See the Calendar for details about the meetings. Email about the weekly teleconferences goes out to the terraswarm mailing list.


We are contractually obligated to provide the SRC with publications 60 days in advance of publication. See How do I handle the 60-day prepublication SRC requirement?

Publications submitted to SRC must acknowledge TerraSwarm, see Resources.


Please consider subscribing to the TerraSwarm Calendar.

Faculty will also want to subscribe to the Faculty Calendar.

Research Highlights and Reports

See the Research Highlights for recent activities from the annual and quarterly reports.

Key Publication

"The Swarm at the Edge of the Cloud", Edward A. Lee, Jan Rabaey, David Blaauw, Prabal Dutta, Kevin Fu, Carlos Guestrin, Bjoern Hartmann, Roozbeh Jafari, Douglas L. Jones, John D. Kubiatowicz, Vijay Kumar, Rahul Mangharam, Brian T. Murray, George Pappas, Kris Pister, Anthony Rowe, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Sanjit A. Seshia, Tajana Simunic Rosing, Ben Taskar, John Wawrzynek, David Wessel. IEEE Design and Test of Computers on Cloud Computing for Embedded Systems, 2014.

Quad Chart

Edward A. Lee. TerraSwarm Analytical Framework, 19, May, 2014; Quad Chart Submitted to DARPA.