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How do I handle the 60-day prepublication SRC requirement?
Christopher Brooks, 23 Jan 2013
Last updated: 22 May 2017

SRC requires that we provide the SRC with publications 60-days in advance of publication. Normally, it is sufficient to provide the submitted version at the time you submit to a conference or journal, since conferences and journals normally require more than 60 days lead time before publication.

Quarterly Reports

In addition, for a publication to be included in the quarterly report, then the publication must have a SRC publication number, which requires submission to the TerraSwarm and SRC websites.


In addition, presentations that are to be claimed in the quarterly report under invited talks and keynotes should also be uploaded. These presentations need not meet the 60 day requirement.

When you set a title and abstract for an invited talk that you intend to report in the quarterly metrics, then please email publications at terraswarm dot org. When you give the talk, please email an update with a PDF of any presentation materials.

If there is material included in the presentation that isn't STARnet-sponsored and is sensitive, those slides can be removed before uploading.

Foreign Travel

If the paper will be presented at a non-US venue then the SRC may deny use of TerraSwarm funds for travel if the submission does not meet the 60-day requirement. See the Travel Policy.

How to meet the requirement

To meet the SRC requirement, be sure that:

  • Note that the abstract no longer needs to be in the third person
  • The paper must acknowledge TerraSwarm, see Resources
    For a paper to be submitted as a prepublication, it must have have at least the short-form acknowledgement. Otherwise, it should not be submitted as a prepublication

Then, please email a PDF file with your submission to publications at terraswarm dot org. TerraSwarm Staff will put a cover page that clearly indicates that this a draft that is not to be distributed beyond the sponsor community, and will upload the publication to SRC website.

Please indicate which themes are relevant to this document in your email. See TerraSwarm themes if you are unsure.

Blind Submissions

It is best if your paper includes the authors in the pdf. For a blind submission, please create a separate pdf that includes the authors. If you really don't want to include the authors in the pdf, then please include their names and institutions in the email message.


The SRC prefers, but does not require that the venue is included in the submission. If the paper has not been accepted for publication, you may indicate the venue as TBD (to be decided), and update the paper later when it gets accepted. For a publication date, please list the earliest possible publication date (e.g., the date of the conference to which you are submitting the paper).

Camera-ready Copy

Once your publication is finalized and either published or ready for publication, please send an update to the same email address with either a PDF (if distribution of the PDF is permitted by copyright), a URL, or complete citation information.

Who has access?

Publications will appear on both the TerraSwarm and the SRC website. By default, on the TerraSwarm site, access to a prepublication is limited to members of the terraswarm workgroup, which includes everyone who is a member of the TerraSwarm Center.

On the SRC site, anyone in who is a member of a STARnet center, which includes centers other than TerraSwarm, are able to view prepublications once they are submitted. (See also the TerraSwarm publications on the SRC site publications.)


If you really want to submit your own prepublication to both the TerraSwarm and SRC site, then please see the How do I submit a publication to SRC?

Admins, see How do I clean up publications after they have been published?