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EECS 144/244 Lectures Spring 2013

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No. Date Topic, Slides Reading Milestones
1a 01/23/13 Introduction, Systems    
1b 01/25/13 Design approaches Special issue of IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine  
2a 01/30/13 Automata, state machines, circuits    
2b 02/01/13 Transition systems, temporal logic A logic primer Propositional logic  
3a 02/06/13 Reachability, enumerative methods A logic primer Predicate logic HW 1 out
3b 02/08/13 Symbolic reachability, bounded model-checking CACM Article on SAT, Clarke, Grumberg, Long paper  
4a 02/13/13 Synchronous composition Lublinerman et al 2008, Lublinerman et al 2009  
4b 02/15/13 Cyclic combinational circuits Malik 1994, Shiple, Berry, Touati 1996, Edwards, Lee 2003 HW 1 due 02/18
5a 02/20/13 Contracts, asynchronous composition, fairness HW 2 out
5b 02/22/13 Timing analysis of circuits; Retiming Chapter 5 of "Timing" by S. Sapatnekar, Devadas et al 1993, Leiserson Saxe 1981, Leiserson Saxe 1991, Shenoy 1997, Chapter 15 of Lee and Seshia  
6a 02/27/13 Dataflow: SDF, Kahn process networks Lee & Messerschmitt, SDF, Kahn 1974  
6b 03/01/13 Dataflow: timed SDF, throughput analysis Ghamarian et al 1996  
7a 03/06/13 Continuous systems: Introduction to ODEs Detailed proof of Picard's theorem  
7b 03/08/13 Continuous systems: Numerical Integration of ODEs Chapter 2 of Continuous Simulation by F. Cellier HW 2 due. HW 3 out
8a 03/13/13 Revision 1  
8b 03/15/13 Midterm 1 (in class)    
9a 03/20/13 Continuous systems: Linear Feedback Systems: An introduction for scientists and engineers, Karl J. Astrom and R. Murray  
9b 03/22/13 Continuous systems: Non-Linear, Newton Raphson, Signal Temporal Logic Tool (ODE simulation, STL): Breach  
03/27/13 Spring recess, no class    
03/29/13 Spring recess, no class    
10a 04/03/13 Hybrid systems Tool (Hybrid system modelling and simulation and more Ptolemy II HW 4 is out.
10b 04/05/13 Hybrid systems Tool (hybrid systems verification): Spaceex  
11a 04/10/13 Timed systems: discrete-event simulation Lee 1999, Misra 1986  
11b 04/12/13 Timed systems: timed automata Alur Dill 1994  
12a 04/17/13 DAEs, Modelica HW 4 solution
12b 04/19/13 DAEs, Modelica HW 5 is out.
13a 04/24/13 Stochastic systems: Markov Chains and Markov Decision Processes Chapter 10 of Principles of Model Checking, by Baier, Katoen  
13b 04/26/13 Stochastic systems: Continuous Time Markov Chains, Continuous Stochastic Logic  
14a 05/01/13 Revision 2 HW 6 is out.
14b 05/03/13 Midterm 2 (in class)    
05/15/13 Project presentations    

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