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PCMCIA Video Cards

  • Other Digital Cameras
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  • Contents

  • General Information
  • Composite video in
  • Other Capture cards
  • Thinkpad
  • Sony
  • Digital Video
  • Wireless Cameras

  • General Information

  • Windows Media Hardware Product Vendors
  • ZV PCMCIA - (3/96)
    The IBM 600 264585U has zoomed video support, the specs say:
    2 Type I/II or 1 Type III or 1 CardBus/1 Type I/II (Zoomed Video support) 
  • The Irez site has a good description of Zoomed Video
  • PCMCIA Summary, 1997
  • Composite video in

    When we first started doing captures, we wanted a NT4.0 PCMCIA card with composite in so that we can record offsite presentations.

    Below is a list of possibilities the possibilities.

  • Find a PCMCIA card with NT4.0 drivers
  • Lug the IBM 600 expansion bay: heavy (We did this for a few captures, and we continue to use the IBM 600 expansion bay with w2k as a backup encoder)
  • Use a IBM 760xd: they seem unstable
  • Take a IBM 770 from one of our users: inconvenient
  • Purchase another laptop w/ video: Sony
  • Purchase a better PCI expansion box for the 600: does not seem to exist
  • Purchase a different laptop with a different PCI card
  • Run 95 on a 600 with a PCMCIA card
  • Run w2k on a PC (This is our primary encoder)
  • Newer IBM laptops seem to have a single card expansion chassis
  • Capture cards with Composite In

  • Margi NT5.0?
  • Capture-To-Go audio&video, 30fps@320x240, '95, '98, $295, ZV
  • "Note: Ask for MARGI Compatibility Test Report for all Notebooks that have been tested with the cards. "
  • The IBM Proven site says:
    	MARGI DVD-to-GOTM, audio/video/data playback MPEG II -decoder for
            ThinkPad TFT models with ZV Port
  •, now
  • Conference Card includes audio, 30frames/sec @ 320x240, 95/98, $249.95 at PC Connection
    The specs say:
    VID-1.75 Ohm, composite video (S-Video Y)
    NTSC/PAL 1.0 +- 0.5V
    VID-2.75 Ohm, composite video (S-Video C)
    NTSC/PAL 1.0 +- 0.5V
    Computer Shopper Sept 1997 says
    The plug-and-play ConferenceCard installs quickly and has jacks for two video sources, two audio inputs, and a headphone. Because the video relies on ordinary RCA jacks, you can connect the card to any common camcorder.
  • Mobile Video Pro II Kit Includes Conference Card above, headset and camera, $399.95 at PC Connection
  • Capture vision separate audio, 30 frames/sec @ 320X240, Nogatech support says that these are not ZV cards
    95/98 $199 at PC Connection
  • Nogatech Support IBM Thinkpad Issues says
    If you are having problems getting a Nogatech PCMCIA
    capture card working with an IBM Thinkpad you may need IBM's PCMCIA
    drivers.  These drivers should have been preinstalled on your system.
    However, if you are missing them you can download the latest BIOS
    upgrades and PCMCIA drivers from IBM's ftp site.  Without these
    drivers it will be very difficult if not impossible to get the card
    configured properly.
     Some Thinkpad laptops use third party PCMCIA card wizards, which can
    prevent our cards from being recognized. If you have a card wizard
    running on your system, or are unsure, you should contact IBM support.
  • Nogatech has a beta NT driver available. Local Copy
  • The Nogatech card works under '95 on an IBM 600, but when I try to install it with the Nogatech NT 3.0 Beta drivers, the machine will not boot, it hangs during booting on the blue boot screen.
    1. Installed NT4.O Workstation SP 1 on a IBM 600
    2. Installed IBM PCMCIA Networking Etherjet software
    3. Installed SystemSoft CardWizard 5.0
    4. Installed Nogatech NT 3.0 Beta drivers
    5. Rebooted with Conference Card In the slot
    6. I was able to log in, and then the machine hung. Popped the Conference Card out, then reset using the reset button.
    7. Deinstalled SystemSoft CardWizard 5.0
    8. Rebooted, Deinstalled Nogatech NT 3.0 Beta drivers in the default location, rebooted, the laptop hung as before
    9. Deinstalled Nogatech NT drivers
    10. Rebooted, Installed sp4, Rebooted
    11. Reinstalled Nogatech NT drivers, laptop hung as before
    12. Reinstalled SystemSoft CardWizard 5.0 Now when I reboot, I get a message about
      The inserted Nogatech Nogavision [Specialty] could not use its assigned resources.

      The following resource conflicted:
      IRQ 11

      This is a specialty PC Card which uses unique software drivers. In order to remedy this problem, please refer to the User Manual for the PC card'

    13. I used Control Panel -> Multimedia -> Video Capture has the IRQ etc. settings for the driver. but that did not help.
    14. Reinstalled NT4.0sp1 from scratch, did not install networking, so no IBM Etherjet card is not present
    15. Installed Nogatech NT 3.0 Beta drivers in the default location (C:\ConferencCard). Inserted Card, rebooted
    16. Laptop hung with NT splash screen and 'Begin Login Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to log on' window. Laptop did not respond to Ctrl+Alt+Delete
    17. Popped card out, Login screen came up immeadiately. Logged in, Event viewer showed that the Event log started but no other events.
    18. Went to the Multimedia control panel, changed the IRQ from 9 to 11. The other settings are: Base Memory Address: blank Base Memory Attribute: d0000-d0fff IO Base Address: 200-208 which do not appear to conflict with any of the Resource settings in the Windows NT Diagnostics Panel. When I changed the IRQ, I got a message about 'The driver failed to install'
    19. In the Windows NT Diagnostics Panel Services tab, Nogatech NogaVision Support Driver is Running, but NOGATECH1 is stopped. Double clicking on NOGATECH1 shows that the Pathname is C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\NOGATEC with the last part obscured. Nogatech.sys exists in that directory.
    20. When I go to the Devices control panel and try to start NOGATECH1 by hand, I get: Could not start the NOGATECH1 service on \\MOWAT. Error 02: The system cannot find the file specified
    21. The key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NOGATECH1 has a value of \SystemRoot\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\NOGATECH1.SYS for the ImagePath slot. That file does not exist.
    22. When I reboot, the machine hangs with the Ctrl+Alt+Delete window. When I popped the card out, the machine continued. After another reboot, I did see a message in the event log about how the Nogatech service could not be started because of incorrect paramaters
    23. Rebooted, uninstalled NT 3.0 Beta drivers, rebooted, installed NT sp4, rebooted, reinstalled NT 3.0 Beta drivers.
  • The SystemSoft CardWizard page says that SystemSoft CardWizard supports Nogatech cards under NT. However, after installing the beta NT Nogatech drivers, and then CardWizard 5.0, the machine hangs while booting with the blue boot screen
  • Mobile Planet - Mobile computing stuff Presentation -> Video Capture
  • H.323/4 Composite video kit 95/98/NT camera/capture card/56k modem US$ 189.00
  • ZVCC Mobile PCMCIA Cam Kit - Looks like
  • Irez has a 640x480 card for '95 ($99), but it is known not to work with IBM 600. The Irez site has lots of info about zoomed video.
  • The Datavideo MD-1000 is apparently compatible with the IBM 600

    30fps@640x480,'95, ZV

    However, support@ datavideo said this card is no longer made

  • Synchrotech sells Margi Capture-to-go, Nogatech
  • Other Capture cards

  • Carry computer Comes with a camera?
  • Sony - SMMC-201J/SMMC-201U. A UHF/VHF band TV tuner & Video capture card with ZV-Port for PC.
    Sony - SMMC-101A. A Digital camera card with ZV-Port for PC.
  • MRT MobileGard: video Motion detector
  • Noteworthy Video Conferencing Capture CardBus Card - Toshiba - '95 Only
  • Auravision - PCMCIA card is a DVD/TV dongle.
  • CardPro: (160 x 120 pixel resolution)
  • Xirlink C-it PC Camera with C-it Mail

    Listed on the IBM Proven page - NT5.0 USB camera

  • Winov makes a NT capable PCMCIA card, but does not take composite in. JohnR has one.
  • Support newsgroups
    Username: public 
    Password: welcom
  • I can't get the PCMCIA card to work on a IBM 600 with NT4.0sp3 and CardWizard 3.10.04j-C02-P03.01

    The Videum Status window says:

      Your video board is not working.
      Follow the hints below to make it work (Error code # e0070038)
      Verify that the host adapter is seated properly
      Uninstall Videum drivers and reinstall
      If failure persists, contact technical support
    The ReadMe.txt file says:
    SystemSoft CardWizard should be upgraded to version 4.0+.
  • Winnov Capture settings for Quicktime AVI

    Camera settings:
    RGBH: 16bit RGB, Black and White
    The file is
    Video Format: 240x176 5.14fps
    Compression: cvid
    Duration: 10.6 Sec
    Frames: 56
    Video Data: 601Kb (55kb/s)
    Audio Format 8000 Hz 8 bit Mono
    Audio Data: 86Kb
    Total Data: 687 Kb
    Cinepak: Codec

    We also have two Videum AV PCI cards 30fps@ 640x480, NT4.0 The Media Server release notes say
    Using Winnov Videum Video Card as the Audio Source

    A problem has been encountered with the Winnov 2.0 drivers where the encoding process can fail after a variable amount of time when sourcing audio data from the Winnov Videum card. Winnov currently has new drivers that are being beta-tested. In some cases, installation of the new beta Winnov drivers fixes the problem. Currently, Microsoft recommends that an alternate audio source, such as a sound card, be used instead of the Videum card. There is no problem accepting video data from the Videum card.

  • Frame grabbers

  • Hasotec: NT Drivers and API - Grabbing only?
  • VideoPort: 95/98 640x480 Video for Windows
  • Thinkpad

  • Thinkpad Product
  • We have 3 IBM 770, model #945852U We purchased:
     3	IBM TP770 DVD Drive	11J8950	 470.00		 1410.00
     3	IBM TP770 Enhanced	11J8957	 302.00		  906.00
    	Video Adapter
  • ThinkPad 770 DVD Enhanced Video Adapter (11J8957) Product Overview
  • Not for use with 770X/Z
  • Replaced by PN 10L1228
  • TP 770/E/ED - Installing the video capture driver for Windows NT
  • IBM 760XD

    I tried to install the older set of encoder tools that we used in Monterey under '95 and the installation failed. It seems to get most of the way through, then I get a window dialog saying that it failed. When I rebooted, there was a message about dcom. It could be that we need to install dcom under '95
    INFO: Differences Between DCOM95 and DCOM98

    The NetShow 3.0 release notes say:

    Using IBM ThinkPad with Trident Video Capture Driver Version 1.11 and
    IBM Mwave Audio Mixer Is Restricted
    When using this encoding platform, you must adhere to the following
    restrictions for a successful encoding session:
    Do not use the Duck TrueMotion RT 2.0 video codec. 
    Pixel Format field must be TY2N. 
    From ThinkPad, using Mwave Audio Mixer applet, select "Line/CD" as
    Input Source for PLAY control screen.
    Do not use a passive microphone for audio input; use a line in or
    active (powered) microphone.
  • SystemSoft CardWizard supports
     Nogatech Capture Vision NV256IB B   B - Boot Time Insertion 
     Nogatech Conference Card B   B - Boot Time Insertion 
     Winnov Videum Cam Traveler B - Boot Time Insertion 

    CardWizard 5.0 is $79.95

    As of 5/99, the latest NT version on IBM Support was 3.10.04j

    We have one copy of System Soft CardWizard 5.0. Note that the IBM laptops come with 3.x

    Digital Video

  • Digital Video Cameras
  • Digital Video Tape Decks
  • Canon DV Page
  • Videoguys
  • Sony DV Still image capture card $400 - Windows 95 only???
  • Rexpccard Digital Video PCMCIA car
  • Newertechnology Mac cards, Firewire card
  • Wireless Cameras

    Looking at webcams and at the lego camera might be interesting.
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