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Tape to ASF

Below are instructions for transferring from video tape to ASF files using the GSRC equipment

Set up

We use the Panasonic S-VHS tape deck to read the VHS tape and transmit the audio and video over to the Dell workstation.

There are two cables that are run:

  1. VCR S-Video out to Capture card S-Video in
  2. VCR left and right RCA audio out to a RCA to mini connector convertor to the Capture card line in (not mic in)

Machine Setup

  1. The Windows Media Encoder program does the actual encoding.
    To start it up, use
    Click on the 01.asd in c:\users\faculty file or Start -> Windows Media -> Windows Media Encoder

    We use the standard GSRC 100Kbps capture rate:

    Video Codec:   MS-MPEG4V3		AudioCodec:
    Video Source:  Videum Video Capture	AudioSource: Winnov Videum Wave
    Output File:   01.asf
    Configuration: Custom
  2. Start up the Videum Audio Mixer, the line input 1/4" jack icon should be selected.
As a test, we are going to capture a short section of the talk, adjust the levels, preview it live and then stop the capture and review the results
  1. Press play on the vcr
  2. Press the triangular play button at the top of the encoder window. The video and audio is now being saved to 01.asf.
  3. View the video output by selecting View -> Preview
  4. In the Videum Audio Mixer, adjust the levels so that the meter rarely goes in to the red
  5. On a preview machine, such as the laptop to the left of the dell, start Windows Media Player and type in the URL:
    The video and audio should come up. Note that there is a lag between the capture machine and the preview machine.
  6. Press Stop and Preview the .asf file that is generated. The easiest way to do this is to plug the speakers into the dell and then click on the .asf file
    If the quality is satisfactory, then rewind the tape in the vcr, move the speakers back to the preview machine and then follow the steps above

    Transferring to cd

    1. Once the tape is over, rewind the tape
    2. Rename the 01.asf file to a name that represents the speaker and the date. I would do lastname_firstname_date, so if Suhas Diggavi gave a talk on 4/9/2, the file name would be diggavi_suhas_040902.asf
    3. Review the new asf file by plugging the speakers into the capture machine and clicking on the newly renamed asf file
    4. Transfer the asf file to cd FIXME: how?
    5. Review the cd on another machine and verify that it is good
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