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Well, it looks like we would like to purchase a video tape deck to capture the GSRC presentations as a back up. The idea is that we will use this deck to record the video feed from a capture in case we have total melt down of the computer systems.

It turns out that the quality of the video signal really does matter, even though we are compressing it. So, we would like to have a good quality recording in a fairly portable box. There are lots of options:

I would rather not get a camera at this time, though in theory we could just use it as a standalone tape recorder. On the other hand, paying for a TV tuner and a bunch of other crap we will never need seems pointless.


Sony BVW70 betacam studio recorder for $15k used is awfully appealing. :-) Beta is what the pros use.
  • Sony BVW50 portable recorder
  • Sony BVW70 studio beta recorder ($15k used)
  • DV

    Digital video is also another option, though it looks like 90 minutes is the maximum tape length, with 60 minute being the norm.
  • Sony DSR-30 $3099
  • Sony GV-D300 List: $1499 cnet: $1299 6x2x5.5 inches 60 Minute/90 Minute
  • Sony GV-D900 List: $2199 cnet: $1549 6x2x5.5 inches has a 5.5" display
  • DSR-ME1 Edit controller for GVD-900 List: $830
  • DHR-1000 List: 4199
  • JVC HR-DVS1 MiniDV Digital and SVHS VCR: List $1999
  • Profeel $1499
  • JVC Press Release
  • Videoguys $1599, $1499 with any FireWire card
  • b&h Photo has them for 1499
  • JVC SR-VS10
  • Hi8

    Another alternative is Hi-8. I could find no home grade hi-8 vcrs, they are all built in to cameras. I did find a pro grade hi-8 Sony deck for $1.1k

    Hi8 has a resolution of roughly 400TV lines

  • Sony GVA-500 Hi-8 Video Walkman With 5.5" LCD lists for $999
  • Sony EVC200 had them for $1,122.04
  • Sony EVO550H has these on ebay (List $1800) Size: 8 7/8 x 3 x 10 (same as EVC100)
    b&h photo has them
  • S-VHS

    cnet lists 21 decks ranging in price from $165 to $1050

    The jvc paes say: "Super VHS format with over 400 Lines of horizontal resolution."

  • Sony SLV-R1000 17"X 4 5/8"X 15" List: $1199. cnet: $827
  • Panasonic AG-750 DC powered s-VHS/VHS rec/player: 9 3/4" X 3 1/2" X 8 1/2" PDF brochure.
  • B&H is out of stock, but they list for 1360, their price is $899.95.
  • has them?
  • $1175
  • AG-B21 AC adaptor/battery charger (AG-188U) $195
  • AV-LC35 3.2" BATTERY OPERATED COLOR LCD SCREEN Option for the AG-700 Series recorder/players
    Allen Visual has them for $450
  • HiFi VHS

  • Panasonic AG-720 DC powered s-VHS/VHS rec/player has Quasi-S-VHS playback 9 3/4" X 3 1/2" X 8 1/2" Lists for $695
  • JVC SRt5u: bhphoto $264.95 Quasi S-VHS playback 10.2" wide
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