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  • Sync-O-Matic 3000 - Synchronizes RealVideo/RealAudio and Powerpoint
  • Georgia Tech '97 Real Powerpoint notes
  • Accordent's PresenterOne
  • Presentation Maker
  • Helix - An open source effort
  • RealAudio
    Extension: RA, RAM
    Mime Type audio/x-pn-realaudio
    RealMedia File
    Extension: RM
    Mime Type:
    RealPlayer as Plugin
    Extension: RPM
    Mime Type audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin

    RealPresenter G2Beta

    RealPresenter G2Beta at looks like it does video + audio + ppt slides

    Synchronized PowerPoint plus video using RealVideo

    The BMRC has been doing some work with Synchronized PowerPoint plus video using RealVideo with a tool called Lecture Browser which was developed by Brian Smith's group at Cornell. Oliver Crow writes:
    These presentations have timelines with the slide timings shown. You can also jump around between different slides, either with the video still playing, or with the video synchronized to the slides.
  • How to use the Berkeley Media Resource Center Real/PPT Tools

    Examples are at
    1. Download Time - Visual Basic program that will start PowerPoint and capture the slide transition timing.
      FIXME: What is the redistribution policy of this software?
    2. Unzip the file in d:\Program Files\BMRC
    3. Go to d:\Program Files\BMRC, create a short cut for TestOpenPPTAPPProj.exe and add it to your start menu
      FIXME: we should have an installer do this for us.
    4. Run TestOpenPPTAPPProj.exe and modify the 'Presentation to Open' to point to your presentation Select a 'Path to Store TimeStamp Information' and then press 'Load Presentation, Start Timestamping'
      FIXME: eventually, we would like to have a file that we could click on that would automatically load a particular ppt file and start it up in slide show mode.
    5. A file with a name like Presentation-yourfile.pptMar-22-2000-10_01_49_PM.txt will be created with the timestamps in the format:
      "FirstSlideShown: img001.gif At: 22:01:49"
      "img001.gif TO: img002.gif At: 22:01:50"
      "img002.gif TO: img003.gif At: 22:01:50"
      "img003.gif TO: img004.gif At: 22:01:51"
      "img004.gif TO: img005.gif At: 22:01:51"
      "img005.gif TO: img006.gif At: 22:01:51"
      "img006.gif TO: img007.gif At: 22:01:51"
      "img007.gif TO: img008.gif At: 22:01:52"
      "img008.gif TO: img007.gif At: 22:01:53"
      "img007.gif TO: img006.gif At: 22:01:53"
      "img006.gif TO: img007.gif At: 22:01:54"
      "img007.gif TO: img008.gif At: 22:01:54"
      "img008.gif TO: img009.gif At: 22:01:54"
      "img009.gif TO: img010.gif At: 22:01:55"
      "img010.gif TO: img011.gif At: 22:01:55"
      "img011.gif TO: img012.gif At: 22:01:55"
      "ShowEnded: 22:02:01"
    6. Convert the powerpoint talk to gifs:
      File->Save As->Select gif in the 'Save as type' entry field
      FIXME: Powerpoint 2000 saves the file with the name SlideN.gif instead of imgNNN.gif so we will need a small script to change the names
      FIXME: Ideally, we could extend TestOpenPPTAPPProj so that it will save the gifs automatically with the right names. We would also like to generate PDF at the same time if possible. The idea is that we would have a common set of settings that would be used for each talk.

    Placing files on the bmrc website

    1. Get an account in the BMRC Unix domain
    2. The directory we are using is at \\media2\web\projects\gsrc. This should appear as Mount the media2 files with Start->Run> \\
      If prompted for a password, type bmrc\yourlogin
    See also pptindex - xsl scripts to manipulate the output of Windows Media File Editor


  • Does the Real Player and Presenter work with w2k?
  • The advertising is gross, we can't have that on our web apge
  • The example I saw of ppt with talking head was butt ugly. It looks like they combine a video stream of the talking head with a still image of the ppt slide and have some ugly background as well. I would like two separate frames, one with the video image and controls, the other with the ppt slide. I would like to have lots of control over the size and placement of the images.

    Having the combined stream makes the video jumpy each time the slide is updated.

    I'm not sure if we can do this or not, that is what I would like to know.

  • The installation procedure is awkward, they really want to get one's email address so that they can spam away. The software is constantly interrupting me with reminders about how I can download new non-free versions. I'm not sure if we can do much about this
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